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IS Analyst  (Job class 1052)
Location:  San Francisco
This is a Temporary Exempt (TEX) position.
Salary Range:  $90,090 -$113,308/year

About the Commission

The San Francisco Ethics Commission was created directly by the City’s voters with the passage of Proposition K in November 1993. Through its 24-member staff, the Commission is responsible for the independent and impartial administration and enforcement of laws related to campaign finance, public financing of candidates, governmental ethics, conflicts of interests, and registration and reporting by lobbyists, campaign consultants, permit consultants, and major developers. The Commission has an operating budget of roughly $4.8 million also administers a $7 million Election Campaign Fund that provides partial public financing for qualified candidates for City elective office.

Our mission is to practice and promote the highest standards of integrity in government. We achieve that by delivering impactful programs that promote fair, transparent, and accountable governmental decision making for the benefit of all San Franciscans. With public service a public trust, our aim is to ensure that San Franciscans can have confidence that the operations of the City and County and the decisions made by its officials and employees are fair, just, and made without any regard to private or personal gain.

What we do

The Ethics Commission provides information and guidance to city officers and employees, the public, and others to help them understand and comply with their responsibilities under the law.

The Commission also acts as filing officer for a wide range of public disclosure statements filed by designated local officials, candidates seeking local office, and lobbyists who seek to influence governmental decisions in the City and County of San Francisco and makes this information broadly available to the public.

In addition, the Commission conducts audits of campaign and lobbying statements and provides open access to information reported on these filings.

To help ensure local ethics laws are strong and effective, the Commission also analyzes policy issues, evaluates how policies work in practice, and develops legislative proposals.

Based on its duties under the City Charter, the Ethics Commission also has authority to confidentially and independently investigate matters alleging violations of the laws within its jurisdiction, and to assess penalties for failure to abide by requirements of those laws when the facts warrant it.

What you’ll be doing

Under general direction, the IS Analyst – 1052 will support the Electronic Disclosure & Data Analysis (EDDA) division in the oversight, support, maintenance, and enhancements of the Commission’s online filing system implementation for registration and disclosure requirements under the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance, Lobbyist Ordinance, Campaign Consultant Ordinance, and other laws within the Commission’s jurisdiction. This includes working with the E-Filing Conversion Project team to deploy and support citywide electronic filing of the Statement of Economic Interests – Form 700.  The IS Analyst 1052 will also serve as a MIS resource for the department and will be the primary support person for internal and external systems and users and respond to service requests via a service desk in collaboration with the EDDA division. In addition, the IS Analyst will assist with data analysis projects and enhancements and updates to the Commission’s web site, as directed.

Please note, this position is required to publicly file an annual Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700).

Important and Essential Duties

Essential duties of the position include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Under general direction, support Electronic Disclosure & Data Analysis Division with deployment and technical support of Citywide and public-facing electronic filing systems and public access systems as required by the E-filing Conversion Project and state and local laws within the Commission’s jurisdiction; this includes the project to deploy a Citywide Form 700 online filing system.
  2. Serve as a MIS resource for the department; manage technology projects through entire systems life cycle, including cloud and on-premise solutions, as assigned; purchase and manage appropriate software licenses and hardware; configure and deploy software and hardware.
  3. Provide budget estimates and recommendations regarding technology projects of the Commission; regularly track and report to management on project budgets throughout the fiscal year, identifying any budget or project timeline issues and recommending strategies and approaches to keep projects on time and on budget.
  4. Conduct campaign finance, lobbyist, conflict of interest, and campaign consultant data analysis and assist with the production of web data visualizations for public consumption.
  5. Monitor service desk requests, respond to cases, provide updates to users, and provide timely resolution to issues; troubleshoot software problems through telephone and site visit support; provide technical assistance in planning, engineering and architecture of unique systems for diverse applications; understand end-user issues and communicate effectively to develop and implement solutions to problems.
  6. Assist with maintaining and enhancing the Commission’s file server, Sharepoint site, and DocuSign account and integrations as needed.
  7. Develop training material for City-supported software and e-filing systems and conduct training sessions; draft user manuals, knowledge-base articles, and documentation.
  8. Install and maintain hardware and software; facilitate communication between clients and vendors regarding system maintenance issues; perform non-routine adds, moves and changes as needed.
  9. Test and modify software; participate in the detail design and development of new applications; develop automated workflows and reports.
  10. Maintain SCCM implementation and City cybersecurity installations; update system software and make modifications to system configurations; facilitate data communication between systems platforms.
  11. Create and update open datasets on City’s open data system to support Commission programs.
  12. Participate and represent the department in computer users meetings or meetings of related committees.
  13. Assist department with discovery of records pursuant to public records requests made under State and local laws.
  14. Develop technical skills in key department technology platforms and stay apprised of new technology opportunities that could assist with department operations; share knowledge with and provide training to team members on Commission’s systems and business processes to help achieve shared goals.
  15. Work quickly and accurately to complete tasks in a deadline-driven environment within a variety of constraints such as limited resources, incomplete information, work interruptions, and changing priorities.
  16. Engage colleagues effectively as individuals and members of a team to solve problems and contribute effectively to foster team spirit, commitment, trust, and achievement of agency goals.
  17. Ability to work comfortably within an open government environment while also maintaining confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information.
  18. Ability to work objectively in a politically sensitive environment and a willingness to forego all local political activity.
  19. Ability to exhibit professionalism and respect in politically sensitive and highly visible contexts.
  20. Ability to exercise tact, sound independent judgment, and the highest standards of integrity in carrying out duties.
  21. Strong communication skills for use in oral presentations and written memos to ensure effective collaboration with non-technical staff and as a member of a diverse professional team.
  22. Perform related duties as required.

Highly desirable qualifications

The following desirable qualifications may be used to identify job finalists at the end of the selection process when candidates are referred for hiring:

  1. Possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the areas of computer science, information technology, business or public administration or a closely related field.
  2. Familiarity with the role and purpose of oversight or regulatory agencies; knowledge of issues or practices in the areas of government accountability, campaigns, ethics or lobbying; experience with public disclosure filing and reporting applications, including campaign finance and conflict of interest disclosure compliance applications such as Netfile or Southtech.
  3. A demonstrated commitment to open and accountable government; ability to work objectively in a politically sensitive environment and a willingness to forego all involvement in local campaigns and elections.
  4. Experience using a variety of software applications in an office setting, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, and electronic communication; experience administering and developing for SharePoint and DocuSign integrations.
  5. Knowledge of relational databases and conducting data analysis; experience working with APIs and data wrangling; experience with Tableau Desktop and Server or PowerBI and developing and tracking performance metrics.
  6. Knowledge of web development including HTML, CSS, WordPress, and managing and configuring Microsoft Azure.
  7. Knowledge of scripting or workflow languages and software such as Javascript, Python, Azure Logic Apps or Microsoft Power Automate.
  8. Ability to develop and maintain organizational systems to ensure progress of a project can be easily tracked and reported, including the use of project management software applications; experience managing a service desk, projects, and tasks in software such as JIRA.

Minimum qualifications


An associate degree in computer science or a closely related field from an accredited college or university OR its equivalent in terms of total course credits/units [i.e., at least sixty (60) semester or ninety (90) quarter credits/units with a minimum of twenty (20) semester or thirty (30) quarter credits/units in computer science or a closely-related field].


One (1) year in the information systems field, including technical support, content management, administration of network applications or system analysis.


Additional experience as described above may be substituted for the required degree on a year-for-year basis (up to a maximum of two (2) years). One (1) year is equivalent to thirty (30) semester units / forty-five (45) quarter units with a minimum of 10 semester / 15 quarter units in computer science or a closely related field.

How To Apply

To apply for this position, please submit the following documents using the Apply Now link at the bottom of this document:

  • Statement of Interest that details your interest in the IS Analyst position and that describes your relevant information systems skills and experience, including any experience providing services related to government accountability, services, or programs.
  • Current Resume.

Applications that do not contain the requested information will not be considered.

Complete applications will be reviewed as they are received, and applicants selected to advance to the interview process will be contacted by phone or email.

** Please note that due to ongoing COVID19 public health restrictions all candidate interviews will take place online using remote technology. In addition, subject to further official notice from the City and County of San Francisco, the successful candidate should expect to perform their duties working fully remotely at least through June 30, 2021, however any City employee may be called in for Disaster Service Work duty or to work on site subject to the City’s and Department’s established Health and Safety protocols. In such instances, employees may be required be on site with 24-hours’ notice.

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