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Elected officials, department heads, board members and commissioners are required to file the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) with the Ethics Commission electronically to disclose their reportable financial interests. These filers can also electronically file the Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and the Certificate of Ethics Training forms with the Ethics Commission. Electronic filers require access to the NetFile system to e-file these forms. The following sections provide information regarding the e-file account set-up and support.

How to create a NetFile account for an Electronic Filer

Step 1: Notice of Appointment / Reappointment

Filed by Appointing Authority or designee
  • Per SF Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code (C&GCC) Sec. 3.1-105, every appointing authority whose appointees file Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700) with the Ethics Commission must provide written notice to the Ethics Commission of the name of the appointee who has assumed office or employment within 15 days of the City officer or employee assuming office or employment.
  • Correspondingly, whenever the Mayor or a board or commission appoints a department head, the official or the secretary to the board or commission who makes the appointment must inform the Ethics Commission of the appointment within 15 days of the department head’s assuming office date.
  • Please note that the date that a person “assumes office or employment” is the date that a person is sworn in, or begins to perform the duties of the position, whereas the date of appointment or nomination to an office is the date the appointment or nomination is submitted to the confirming body.

Click here to file: SFEC Form NAR – Notice of Appointment or Reappointment

Step 2: Filer Electronic Account Set-up

Initiated by Ethics Commission staff; completed by Department Filing Liaison/Officer
  • Upon receipt of a Notice of Appointment and Reappointment, Ethics Commission staff will initiate and send SFEC Form 700 FEAS – Filer Electronic Account Set-up Form via DocuSign to the department’s designated filing liaison for completion in DocuSign.
  • Please ensure that the filer’s business address, phone number, and permanent e-mail address are included on the form. The filer’s contact information (excluding alternate email address) will be available to anyone viewing filed Form 700 statements at the Ethics Commission office but will be redacted in the Form 700 online disclosures.

Step 3: NetFile Account Setup

  • The Ethics Commission will create a NetFile account for the filer using the information provided by the department filing liaison/officer. If you have questions about linking multiple E-filing accounts for other reporting requirements (such as Campaign or Lobbyist filings) see the section below.
  • The filer will receive email notifications from NetFile regarding account information and password. Please follow the instructions in the emails to setup your account.
  • The Ethics Commission will contact the filer by email with filing requirements and instructions.
  • Please allow five business days to receive notifications.

Step 3: Access NetFile

  • To use NetFile you will need a web browser such as Internet Explorer (8.0 or greater), Firefox, Safari, or Chrome and also a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • You can login to your account using your credentials. Please store your account information securely for your reference.
    E-File Login

How to reset your NetFile password

Visit the Password Reset page to change your password using your User ID. You can find step-by-step instructions in the password reset guide or in the ‘How To Video’ available on the NetFile password reset page.

Forgot your NetFile User ID?

If you need assistance with your User ID, contact your department’s Filing Officer or the Ethics Commission.

How to link multiple NetFile accounts?

If you use NetFile system for other filing requirements such as Campaign or Lobbyist reports, you may be able to link those accounts to your Form 700 login, as long as you use the same personal email address for all the accounts. If you use work email address (city email) to file Form 700 you must not link Campaign or Lobbyist accounts to that login account in order to keep city activity separate from those activities. If you have questions about linking multiple accounts please contact the Ethics Commission.

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