Ethics Commission
City and County of San Francisco

Late Filing and Enforcement

Late Filing Form 700

Statements filed late are subject to a late fee of $10 per day per position, up to a maximum of $100 for each day the statement is late. There is no provision in state law for extending the filing deadline. Late fees can be paid online using an e-check, debit card, or credit card.

As per the SF Campaign and Governmental Conflict of Interest Code Section 3.1-104(b), the Ethics Commission is required to publish the names of individuals who have not filed the annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) by the deadline. This information can be viewed on the non-filers page. Filers with unpaid late filing fees can be accessed here.


The Ethics Commission and the Fair Political Practices Commission may take steps to initiate an enforcement action against a filer who is more than 30 days late in filing Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700). Under state law, failure to file a Form 700 can subject the filer to a fine of up to $5,000 per violation. In addition, willful failure to file may be a misdemeanor and non-filers may also be subject disciplinary action (SF Campaign and Governmental Conflict of Interest Code Section 3.1-102.5).

The Ethics Commission may also conduct random audits of filings submitted to department filing officers.

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