Web Video Training for Treasurers of Non-Candidate Recipient Committees

Trainings for Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers* of General Purpose Committees, Ballot Measure Committees, and Primarily Formed Candidate Committees

What is the purpose of the Non-Candidate Recipient Committee Training?

Covers campaign finance requirements for treasurers and representatives of:

  • general purpose committees
  • ballot measure committees
  • primarily formed candidate committees

Treasurers—and assistant treasurers who sign and verify campaign statements—are required by law to attend a training conducted by the Ethics Commission after filing an original or amended Statement of Organization designating a new treasurer.  An individual who serves as the treasurer of more than one committee is not required to attend a training if that individual has attended such a training within the previous 12 months.(See San Francisco Campaign & Governmental Conduct Code § 1.107.)

IMPORTANT!  Each treasurer who receives training must complete and submit a Form SFEC-107 to verify that he or she has met the training requirement. 

Non-Candidate Recipient Committee Training 2010

To the extent that these four training videos conflict with state or local law, the law controls.

The training video below requires Flash Player to be installed in your browser.


As an alternative to screening the videos with audible narration, the trainings can be viewed as a slide show with full text captioning of the narration by clicking the “Slide Show with Captions” option above.  For any questions about accessibility, or to request additional accommodations for a disability, please contact the Ethics Commission at 415 252-3100 or email at ethics.commission@sfgov.org.

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