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Checklist for Filing Officers (Department Heads or Appointed Department Staff)

This checklist is meant to help you keep track of the various SEI-related filing officer duties by providing forms, pertinent links, and other information.  Department heads may delegate these filing officer tasks to a department staff person. 

Getting Started
Action StepsTimelineForms & Information
Step 1When received
Step 2When contact information changes
Step 3January to February or whenever you need to verify the filing requirement.

Elected Officials, Department Head, and Members of Decision-Making Boards and Commissions

  • Find out if your elected official, department head, and/or members of decision-making board or commission are listed in the San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code (Code) Section 3.1-103 as having to file SEI-related financial disclosure statements.  
  • Be sure to take note if the filer files all of the SEI-related forms or not. 
  • Keep a list of these filers.  You may use the 2nd page of the Certification of Delivery.

Advisory Board or Committee Members and Designated Employees

  • Review Code Sections 3.1-100 to 3.1-500 to find out if your advisory board or committee members and designated employees are required to file SEIs with your department.
  • Keep a list of these filers for tracking purposes.
Certification of Delivery:  Notification of Deadlines
Action StepsTimelineForms & Information
Step 4In February

Use these checklists to keep track of SEI-related filing requirements:

Certification of Delivery & Keeping Track of Filings
Action StepsTimelineForms & Information
Step 5By March 15
Step 6From January to April 1
  • Keep track of who has filed.
  • Keep track of who has not filed.  Make a list of non-filers that includes all contact information you have.  You may use the 2nd page of the Filing Officer Report.
Step 7By April 1
  • Hand deliver or send your filers' SEIs to the Ethics Commission.  Each  SEI form must have an original signature.
  • Hand deliver or send your filers' Sunshine Ordinance Declarations to the Ethics Commission.
  • Hand deliver or send your filers' Certificates of Ethics Training to the Ethics Commission.
  • Keep SEI filings from members of advisory boards and designated employees at your department for a minimum of 7 years. 
Filing Officer Report & the Rest of the Year
Action StepsTimelineForms & Information
Step 8On or Before April 10
  • File the Filing Officer Report by providing the names and contact information of all filers who have not filed SEI-related forms.
Step 9After March 15
  • Email the Ethics Commission new appointment and leaving office information as the changes occur. 
  • You may research your filers' past SEI-related filings anytime.


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