Training for Treasurers of Candidate Committees

Candidates for City elective office and their treasurers must attend a training program conducted or sponsored by the Ethics Commission prior to each election in which the candidate’s name will appear on the ballot.  An individual who serves as the treasurer for more than one committee is not required to attend a training if that individual has attended such a training within the previous 12 months. (See San Francisco Campaign & Governmental Conduct Code § 1.107.)

IMPORTANT!  Each treasurer who receives training must complete and submit a Form SFEC-107 to verify that he or she has met the training requirement. 


The first part of this training will focus on campaign finance requirements that apply to all candidates.


These portions will last about half an hour and will focus on required forms for candidates for Mayor and will provide an overview of the Mayoral Public Financing Program.

Candidates’ Training for the November 2012 Election

To the extent that the training below conflict with state or local law, the law controls.

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