Certification of Delivery: Departmental Notification of Form 700-Related Filing Requirements

Departmental Filing Officers must submit a Certification of Delivery form with the Ethics Commission annually to certify that the department/agency has notified its filers regarding their Statement of Economic Interest (“SEI” or “Form 700”) related filing obligations. To learn more, visit the Ethics Commission’s Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) and Filing Officer duties web pages.

This year’s Certificate of Delivery is due March 17th 2021.

To submit this form online, provide the information requested below and click on ‘Start Form’ button. Once the required information has been submitted, the form will be electronically routed through DocuSign to the Department Head for approval. Once the form is approved, it will automatically be submitted to the Ethics Commission. Opportunities to save and/or print the form for the department’s records are available during the DocuSign process.

SFEC Certification of Delivery Form

Click the image below to preview a form illustrating the information required to be disclosed. (Please note that this form is for viewing purposes only and that the electronic link shown below must be used to file the required information.)

File Certification of Delivery

Information Regarding the Filing Officer or the Staff Person Completing this Form

Provide the name and email address of the filing officer or the staff person completing this form.

Name of Filing officer or Department Staff Person

Email Address

Information Regarding the Department Head

Provide the name and email address of the Department Head who will sign the completed form. A request for signature will route to the Department Head after the form has been completed by the Filing Officer or the Staff person.

Name of Department Head

Email Address

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