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Probable Cause Determinations

Once a Probable Cause Recommendation has been ratified by the Commission, the Executive Director will publish the formal Probable Cause Determination by delivering it to the parties and posting it to the Commission’s website. Below is a list of matters in which the Commission has a made a Probable Cause Determination, but for which there has been no final decision on the merits. These cases may be resolved through stipulation or a full hearing on the merits. Notice of all hearings on the merits will be issued to all parties at least 30 calendar days prior to the commencement of such hearing. All hearings on the merits will be open to the public.

Finding of Probable Cause Issue DateCase
January 5, 2023In the Matter of Progress San Francisco, Vince Courtney, Jr., and Shawnda Deane SFEC Case 2021-025
December 27, 2022In the Matter of Victor Makras, SFEC Case No. 2021-001
December 26, 2022In the Matter of Paul Allen Taylor, SFEC Case 1920-031 

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