Payments Made at the Behest of a City Officer

A behested payment is a payment made at the request of a government official to a third party. Behested payments are made principally for legislative, governmental, or charitable purposes, rather than for personal or campaign purposes.

State law requires elected officials in California to disclose behested payments on FPPC Form 803 after the total payments made by a single source equal to or exceed $5,000 in a calendar year.

San Francisco law requires City elected officials and appointed members of boards and commissions to disclose certain behested payments on Form SFEC-3610(b).

Effective September 24, 2020, Mayoral Executive Directive 20-02 directed Department Heads to comply with the City’s behested payment requirements that apply to City elected officials and members of boards and commissions that are contained in Article III, Chapter 6 of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code. This includes the filing of behested payment Form SFEC-3610(b).

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