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Datasets – Contact Lobbyist Disclosure

The following contact lobbyist datasets are available from SF OpenData. These datasets can be filtered, embedded into your own web site, built into charts, or exported into a variety of formats. Each dataset at SF OpenData is updated nightly.


[Known Issue]: The following datasets are current as of the end of 2017. Measure T (November 2016) amended the lobbyist ordinance and changed the lobbyist registration process effective January 1, 2018. The lobbyist API that populates these datasets must be updated to accommodate the changes. The Commission plans to address these changes by August 2018.

[Known Issue]: DataSF is currently experiencing issues loading updated data from the Netfile source and is investigating alternative approaches to restoring the automation. Data is not loading after December 2017 for the following datasets.

Charts and Graphs

Track Changes on Contact Lobbyist Disclosure Amendments

If the contact lobbyist makes an error on a disclosure statement, the lobbyist may submit corrections on an amended disclosure statement. When a contact lobbyist submits an amended disclosure statement, the Commission preserves a copy of the original disclosure statement in addition to the amended disclosure statement. However, the Commission’s contact lobbyist directories and datasets display only the most current version of the content filed on a contact lobbyist disclosure statement. To see the changes made to the original statement by any amendment, please view the instructions below.

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