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City Officer & Employee Disclosures

About City Officer and Employee Disclosures

City officers and employees of the City & County of San Francisco are required by state and local law to receive training regarding ethics and sunshine laws. In addition, some officers and employees are required to disclose personal assets, income, and gifts that pose a potential conflict of interest when participating in government decisions.


Statement of Economic Interests

View publicly disclosed personal assets and income of City officials participating in government decisions.

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Sunshine & Ethics Training Certificates

View which city officials have received Sunshine Ordinance training and ethics training.

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Gifts of Travel

View gifts of transportation, lodging, or subsistence for out-of-state travel provided by third-parties to elected officials.

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Compensated Advocacy Ban Waivers

View waivers received by members of a board or commission who, by law, must be appointed to represent any profession, trade, business, union or association and who receive compensation to communicate on behalf of any other person to influence a government decision.

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Referral Waivers

View City officers and employees that received a waiver to condition a government action on a member of the public hiring, employing or contracting with a specific person or entity.

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Post-Employment Restriction Waivers

View waivers to various post-employment restrictions that apply to City officers and employees.

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Payments Made at the Behest of an Elected Officer

View payments made at the behest of an elected officer that are not deemed a campaign contribution.

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Notification of Recusal

View notification of recusal filings by commissioners who have a conflict of interest arising from pending matters.

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