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Complaint Submission

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File a Complaint

To submit a complaint, review the important information below and then click the “File a Complaint” button. Follow the onscreen instructions to determine if the Ethics Commission has jurisdiction to investigate your complaint and complete the complaint form.

Important Information To Know Before You File a Complaint

  • A complaint alleging a violation of law may be submitted by any person, including a member of the public, any employee or official of the City, or any member of the Commission. A complaint may also be submitted by an entity.
  • Complaints may be sworn or informal/anonymous, as discussed in greater detail below.
  • If the Ethics Commission is not the appropriate agency to investigate the matter, the complaint may be referred to the appropriate agency.
  • Complaints are confidential to the extent permitted by State law.  However, information related to a complaint may be disclosed only as necessary to conduct the investigation.
  • If you have any questions regarding the information required by the complaint form, please contact the Commission.  Discussing your complaint with Commission staff will often expedite its processing and review.

Types of Complaints:

Sworn Complaints

Sworn complaints must be in writing on the Commission’s complaint form and signed by the complainant under penalty of perjury.

The Commission is obligated to process and evaluate all sworn complaints.

The complaint must contain the following information:

  1. The name of the person you think committed the violation (the respondent)
  2. The address of the respondent
  3. The law you believe is violated
  4. The facts that constitute the violation
  5. The names and addresses of any witnesses
  6. The identity of physical evidence showing the facts of the violation

Informal or Anonymous Complaints

Informal or anonymous complaints may be filed by completing the complaint form (no signature required), contacting the Commission at 415-252-3100 and asking to speak with an investigator, sending an e-mail to, or meeting with Commission staff in person.

The Commission is not obligated to process and evaluate an informal complaint.

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