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Major Developer Disclosure

About Major Developer Disclosure

Effective July 26, 2014, City law imposes reporting requirements on developers of certain City real estate projects with an estimated construction cost of more than $1,000,000. Developers must file five forms with the Ethics Commission over the course of about a year disclosing donations to nonprofit organizations that have contacted City officials about their projects. The first form is due within 30 days of certification of an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) by a local agency or, if the project relies on a program EIR, within 30 days of the adoption of a final environmental determination under the California Environmental Quality Act. Disclosure is not required for a residential development project with four or fewer dwelling units.

Disclosure Statements

Disclosure forms are available for download from SF OpenData via the table below. Click the link in the “Filing” column to download a copy of the disclosure form in PDF format.

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