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Lobbyist Disclosure

Lobbyists Influencing the City

Contact Lobbyists

The San Francisco Lobbyist Ordinance requires contact lobbyists to register with the Commission and disclose activity on a monthly basis. The reports may be reviewed by browsing or searching the San Francisco lobbyist directory, downloading the reports in a variety of data formats from SF OpenData, or by querying the Lobbyist API.

Expenditure Lobbyists

An expenditure lobbyist is an individual or entity that spends $2,500 or more in a calendar month to solicit, request, or urge others to communicate directly with a City officer in order to influence local legislative or administrative action. City officers covered by this rule generally include elected City officials, members of City boards and commissions, and City department heads.

Lobbyist data

Directories & Search

View directories of lobbyists, firms, and clients and search transactions on reports.

View Contact Lobbyist Directory

View Expenditure Lobbyist Directory

Lobbyist Datasets

Download lobbyist data or use the data to build maps, charts and graphs.

Download Data

Lobbyist API

Use the lobbyist API to query the lobbyist data for use in an app or web application.

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Expenditure Lobbyist Registration & Disclosure Statements

Browse historic filings from 2016-2018 on DataSF

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