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Lobbyists on Behalf of the City

The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, S.F. Admin. Code Section 67.1 et seq., requires lobbyists who contract for economic consideration with the City to represent the City in matters before any local, regional, state or federal administrative or legislative body to file quarterly activity reports with the Ethics Commission. These persons and entities are referred to as “Lobbyists on Behalf of the City.”

Lobbyists on Behalf of the City should not be confused with lobbyists who attempt to influence City officers on local legislative or administrative action on behalf of private parties. The latter are regulated by the San Francisco Lobbyist Ordinance, S.F. Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 2.100, et seq., not by the Sunshine Ordinance.

Lobbyists on Behalf of the City Disclosure Process


Lobbyists on behalf of the City are regulated by the Sunshine Ordinance (SF Administrative Code, Chapter 67, §67.1, et seq.).


Visit the Commission’s Training & Resources page for a full listing of trainings and resources applicable to lobbyists.

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