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Beginning with the development of the Ethics Commission’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017, the Ethics Commission has strategically focused its budget investments on leveraging all available resources to achieve needed operational capacity to improve its operations and programs and broaden the impact of its voter-established mandate throughout the City.

As a number of new laws have taken effect since then to further promote transparent and accountable government City-wide, ensuring effective compliance information and guidance through effective programs and efficient services continues to be a top priority. The Commission remains committed to implementing effective technology solutions to enhance filers’ compliance and promote more effective public engagement with information required to be disclosed. Improving governmental accountability through audits and investigations remains a core part of the Commission’s Charter-mandated mission, and work by Commission members and the Commission staff to ensure that those processes are fair, thorough, and timely remains of critical importance.

Through the annual budget process, the Ethics Commission remains committed to seeking core investments needed to enable it to fully achieve the broad voter mandate it has been given the responsibility to achieve through: enhanced advice and compliance guidance; a strengthened policy focus; effective enforcement; and organizational efficiencies. By recognizing the critical need to right-size its operations and staffing, the Commission’s annual budget submissions have been designed to move the Ethics Commission’s work to the next level of effectiveness, accomplishment, and public trust.

Each February, City departments are required to submit an annual budget proposal to the Mayor’s Office for the coming fiscal year that runs from the following July 1 through June 30 of the next calendar year. Following action by the Mayor to propose a budget for the City and subsequent action by the Board of Supervisors to adopt a City budget, the City’s new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Detailed background on the Ethics Commission’s recent budget proposals is available at the following links:

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