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Contracts – Campaign Finance Disclosure

About the Contribution Ban for Contractors Doing Business with the City

Each City elective officer who approves a contract that has a value of $50,000 or more in a fiscal year must file form SFEC-126 with the Ethics Commission within five business days of approval. This filing requirement applies if the contract is approved by:

  • the City elective officer
  • any board on which the City elective officer serves or
  • the board of any state agency on which an appointee of the City elective officer serves.

As per San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 1.126, for a period of six months after the contract is approved neither the City elective officer nor any political committee that he or she controls may solicit or accept a campaign contribution from the following persons or entities: the party whose contract was approved; the party’s board of directors; the party’s chairperson, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, or chief operating officer; any person with an ownership interest of more than 20 percent in the party; any subcontractor listed in the bid or contract; or any political committee sponsored or controlled by the contracting party. Nor may any of these persons make a campaign contribution to the City elective officer, a candidate for the office held by such officer, or a political committee controlled by such officer or candidate.

Contract Approval List

Scroll the table horizontally to reveal additional columns of information. To download a PDF copy of current contract filings, see the “Filings” column in the table.

Named Parties to a Contract

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