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City Contracts

The City’s contractor contribution rule prohibits a person who seeks to enter into a City contract valued at $100,000 or more in a fiscal year that must be approved by a City elective official from making political contributions to an individual holding a City elective office if the contract must be approved by such individual, the board on which that individual serves, or the state agency on whose board an appointee of that individual serves. This law also applies to a candidate for the office held by such individual and any committee controlled by such individual or candidate. The rule applies from the submission of a proposal for a contract until twelve months from the date the contract was approved, or the termination of negotiations for such contract. 

Pursuant to San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 1.126, City contractors and their affiliates are prohibited from making political contributions to elected officials who approve their contracts with the City. Specifically, any person who is seeking to enter into a contract with the City and County of San Francisco (or the San Francisco Unified School District, or the Community College District) that has an anticipated value of $100,000 in a fiscal year and must be approved by an elected official (or the board on which that elective officer serves, or a state agency on whose board an appointee of a City elective officer serves).

Section 1.126 establishes notification requirements for parties to contracts. These requirements apply to City departments that solicit and receive proposals/bids, City elective officers who approve contracts, and organizations that are bidding on City contracts.

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