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E-File Disclosure Statements


File Disclosure Statements Online

The San Francisco Ethics Commission provides the Netfile electronic filing system and DocuSign to complete and e-file disclosure statements. Follow the instructions below to file electronic statements.

Note: Other types of disclosure filings are filed in hard copy. Please see the Compliance section for filing instructions.



Campaign Committees, Contact Lobbyists, Expenditure Lobbyists, and City Officers that are required to file the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) and Ethics and Sunshine Declarations with the Ethics Commission must use Netfile to submit electronic statements. To file statements using Netfile, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Register

Register with the Ethics Commission and create a Netfile User Account to file electronic disclosure statements.

Step 2: E-File

Log in to your Netfile User Account to file your statements.

Log In

Step 3: E-Sign

E-sign campaign statements user your Signer ID and PIN.

Sign Statements

This requirement only applies to committee officers that sign campaign statements. It does not apply to City Officers filing Form 700 or Lobbyists.



Use the DocuSign system to submit the following forms electronically. City officials that use the DocuSign system to file electronic statements must authenticate using the citywide single-sign on system.

File Other Paper Forms

The Ethics Commission’s physical office has re-opened for in-person public services beginning Monday, November 15, 2021. During the closure of the Ethics Commission’s physical office due to the City’s Public Health Order, the Commission accepted the following paper forms via this Electronic Document Transmission Cover Sheet process. The Commission will continue to accept these forms through this process until further notice.

  • SFEC Form 112a (Signature Verification Card)
  • SFEC Form 142a (Statement of Participation or Non-Participation – Public Financing Program)
  • Acknowledgment of Mandatory Audit
  • FPPC Form 410 (Statement of Organization)
  • FPPC Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement)
  • FPPC Form 470 (Officeholder/Candidate Campaign Statement-Short Form and Form 470 Supplement) (Only for filers not required to file electronically. See SFC&GCC Sec. 1.112)
  • All Campaign Consultant Forms

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