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Complete List of Campaign & Public Financing Forms

Netfile (E-file)

The following forms must be filed electronically via Netfile.  Complete the registration requirements and log in to submit these statements.

  • SFEC Form 142(a) – Statement of Participation or Non-Participation in Public Financing Program
  • SFEC Forms 142(b)-1 and 142(b)-2 – Qualifying Request
  • SFEC Forms 142(c)-1 and 142(c)-2 – Qualifying Contributions List
  • SFEC Forms 144(d)-1 and 144(c)-1 – Matching Request
  • SFEC Forms 144(d)-2 and 144(c)-2 – Matching Contribution List
  • SFEC Forms 152a-1, 152a-2, 152b-1, and 152b-2 – Threshold: Notice by Mayor or Board of Supervisors Candidates of Reaching Threshold(s)
  • SFEC Form 152(c) – Request to Receive Notice of the Ethics Commission’s Certification of a Candidate’s Eligibility to Receive Public Funds
  • SFEC Form 161 – Itemized Disclosure Statement for Mass Mailings
  • SFEC Form 162 – Electioneering Communication Report
  • SFEC Form 163 – Member Communication Report
  • FPPC Form 450 – Campaign Statement – Short Form
  • FPPC Form 460 – Campaign Disclosure Statement
  • FPPC Form 461 – Independent Expenditure Committee Campaign Statement
  • FPPC Form 470 – Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement – Short Form
  • FPPC Form 496 – Independent Expenditure Report
  • FPPC Form 497 – Late Contribution Report

DocuSign (E-File)

The following forms must be filed electronically via DocuSign:

PDF Forms

The following forms may be filed in hard copy:

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