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Referrals Waivers – City Officer Disclosure

About Referrals Waivers

Under San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 3.226, City officers and employees may not condition any government action on a member of the public hiring, employing or contracting with any specific person or entity. The ordinance provides that the Ethics Commission may waive the prohibition if the Commission determines that granting a waiver is necessary for the proper administration of a governmental program or action.

Waivers Approved by the Ethics Commission

Name of Person or Entity Seeking Waiver and Date Waiver Granted Information Regarding Waiver
San Francisco Port
December 11, 2006
Port may require that a particular subcontractor, Maritime Group International, be used by one of the Port’s primary contractors, Creegan & D’Angelo, in a contract service order award to provide consulting services regarding the Cruise Terminal Development Project.

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