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Filings by Recipients of Behested Payments


Please Note: Effective January 23, 2022, San Francisco City law bans certain officials, including elected officials, from soliciting any behested payments from persons defined in the law as an “interested party.” For more information click here. San Francisco elected officials who solicit behested payments from a person who is not an “interested party” under local law must continue to comply with applicable State disclosure requirements described below.
Important: The City’s new law does not change existing disclosure requirements for elected officials under California State law that apply to behested payments they solicit from persons who are not defined as an “interested party.” State law continues to require elected officials report all behested payments of $5,000 or more made at their behest. Such payments are reported to the official’s agency on the State Form 803. For more information about this requirement, click here.


Prior to January 23, 2022, local law required any person who received behested payments, or a series of behested payments, totaling $100,000 to disclose information pertaining to the payment(s) on Form SFEC-3.630 if.

  • it receives a behested payment, or series of behested payments in a single calendar year, of $100,000 or more that was made at the behest of a City officer. Form SFEC-3.630 must be filed within 30 days following the date on which the payments received total $100,000 or more;
  • an individual or organization filed this report to notify the Ethics Commission that it received behested payments totaling $100,000 or more, it must file this form again between 12 and 13 months following the date on which the payment(s) or payments totaled $100,000 or more and submit Schedule A. Filers must disclose all payments made that were funded in whole or in part by the behested payment(s) made at the behest of the City officer and if the person was an “interested party” in any City decision(s) involving the officer in the 12 months following the date on which the payment(s) were made.

Under City law, these recipient filing requirements apply to recipients of payments behested by elected officials and board and commission members only.  Mayoral Executive Directive 20-02 does not apply a recipient filing requirement for payments behested and reported by Department Heads, therefore a recipient is not required to file a Form 3630 for payments behested by a Department Head.

Filings are made electronically and PDFs are publicly accessible via links in the filings table below.  In addition, the contents of each filing is parsed into multiple datasets.

SFEC Form 3630 Filings

If the dataset is empty then no filings have been received to-date.

SFEC Form 3630 Expenditures

This dataset includes a parsed sub-table of expenditures reported on a SFEC Form 3630 filing. The dataset can be joined with the above filings dataset to research expenditures included on a filing.

SFEC Form 3630 Proceedings

This dataset includes a parsed sub-table of proceedings reported on a SFEC Form 3630 filing. The dataset can be joined with the above filings dataset to research proceedings included on a filing.

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