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Who Must File as a Major Developer

A disclosure report must be completed and filed by the developer of any “major project.” A major project is a real estate development project located in the City and County of San Francisco with estimated construction costs exceeding $1,000,000 where either:

  1. The Planning Commission or any other local lead agency certifies an Environmental Impact Review (“EIR”) for the project under the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”); or
  2. The project relies on a program EIR and the Planning Department, Planning Commission, or any other local lead agency adopts any final environmental determination under CEQA.

A major project does not include a residential development project with four or fewer dwelling units.

For purposes of this filing requirement, a “developer” includes the individual or entity that is the project sponsor responsible for filing a completed Environmental Evaluation Application (“EEA”) with the Planning Department (or other lead agency) under CEQA.  However, if an individual who signs and submits the EEA will not be responsible for obtaining the entitlements or developing the major project, the developer is instead the individual or entity that is responsible for obtaining such entitlements.

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