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Lobbyists on Behalf of the City Reporting


Lobbyists on Behalf of the City must file a “Quarterly Report of Lobbyist on Behalf of the City” each quarter in which they meet the qualifying threshold.

Filers must report the all financial expenditures by the lobbyist in connection with representing the City & County of San Francisco, the individual or entity to whom each expenditure was made, the date the expenditure was made, and specifically identify the local, State, regional or national legislative or administrative action the lobbyist supported or opposed in making the expenditure.

The failure to file a quarterly report with the required disclosures is a violation of the Sunshine Ordinance.

Filing Deadlines

The quarterly reporting periods and deadlines are as follows:

Reporting Period Filing Deadline
February 1 to April 30 May 15
May 1 to July 31 August 15
August 1 to October 31 November 15
November 1 to January 31 February 15

Electronic quarterly reports must be received by the Ethics Commission no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on the filing deadline.  Filings that are due to the Commission on a Saturday, Sunday, or City-recognized holiday but filed no later than the next business day will not be assessed late filing fees.  The quarterly report must be filed electronically beginning with the report due February 15, 2019.

Disclosure Report

Click the image below to preview a form illustrating the information required to be disclosed. (Please note that this form is for viewing purposes only and that the electronic link shown below must be used to file the required information.)

File SFEC 6729-4- Quarterly Report of Lobbyist on Behalf of the City

The Quarterly Report of Lobbyist on Behalf of the City (SFEC Form 6729-4) must be filed electronically through the City and County of San Francisco’s DocuSign system by starting the form using the section below. The DocuSign e-filing process consists of two key steps – completing the form and signing the form – which may involve two participants. An authorized administrative staff or representative can initiate and complete the form electronically, and route it to the signer of the form through DocuSign. After the form is completed and submitted in the first step, an email will be automatically sent to the signer with instructions for his/her signature. The signer can then electronically sign the form in DocuSign by following the instructions in the email. The signer may also complete and sign the form without the assistance of a staff member or representative by entering his/her information in the form as the person completing and signing the form.

Name and Email Address of Person Completing SFEC 6729-4

Enter the name and email address of the lobbyist or authorized administrative staff or representative completing the form.

Name and Email Address of Person Signing the Form

Enter the name and email address of the person required to sign the completed form.

Filing Under Penalty of Perjury

Filers must verify, under penalty of perjury, the accuracy and completeness of the information required to be filed with the Ethics Commission.

Filing Amended Forms

If a filer submits a report to the Ethics Commission which contains an error or omission, the filer must amend the report.  The Quarterly Report form includes a field which filers may use to indicate they are amending a form which has been filed previously.

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