Streamlined Administrative Resolution Program

The Streamlined Administrative Resolution Program (SARP) provides accountability for violations of City laws while reducing the amount of time and resources required for a more formal case resolution.

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Sunshine Ordinance

The Ethics Commission adjudicates matters concerning alleged violations of the City’s public records and meeting laws, which are codified in the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance. Persons may also submit complaints to the Ethics Commission alleging willful violations of the Sunshine Ordinance by an elected official or department head.

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Whistleblower Retaliation

The Whistleblower Protection Ordinance prohibits a City officer or employee from taking an adverse action against an individual who has engaged in protected activity, where the individual’s protected activity was a substantial motivating factor for the adverse action.

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Probable Cause Determinations

Once a Probable Cause Recommendation has been ratified by the Commission, the Executive Director will publish the formal Probable Cause Determination by delivering it to the parties and posting it to the Commission’s website.