Filings by Donors of Behested Payments

On January 1, 2019, new local laws went into effect that established new requirements for behested payment reports. Under City law, if behested payments required to be disclosed under SF C&GCC Section 3.610 are made at a City officer’s behest, the donors and recipients of such payments may be required to file public disclosures regarding the payments.

A donor must file Form SFEC 3620 if they make a behested payment, or series of behested payments in a single calendar year of $10,000 or more at the behest of an officer. The donor only needs to make this disclosure if the donor is an “interested party” in a proceeding involving the officer that solicited the payment(s).

If a donor has previously filed a Form SFEC 3620 and during the same calendar year, subsequently makes an additional behested payment at the behest of the same officer, the donor must file an additional Form SFEC-3620 only if the donor has become involved in additional proceedings or made additional contacts that were not disclosed pursuant to section 3.620(a)(1)-(3) on the initial Form SFEC 3620.

Under City law, these donor filing requirements apply to donors of payments behested by elected officials and board and commission members only.  Mayoral Executive Directive 20-02 does not apply a donor filing requirement for payments behested and reported by Department Heads, therefore a donor is not required to file a Form 3620 for a payment behested by a Department Head.

Filings are made electronically and PDFs are publicly accessible via links in the filings table below.  In addition, the contents of each filing is parsed into multiple datasets.

View SFEC Form 3620 Filings by Donors of Behested Payments

January 2019 to Present

SFEC Form 3620 filings are accessible via SF Open Data:

SFEC Form 3620 Filings
SFEC Form 3620 Payees Subtable

This dataset includes a parsed sub-table of payees reported on a SFEC Form 3620 filing. The dataset can be joined with the above filings dataset to research payees included on a filing.

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