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Campaign Finance Disclosure

About Campaign Finance Disclosures

The Ethics Commission is the repository for campaign finance statements filed by campaign committees active in City and County elections. Campaign finance statements can help answer questions about who is contributing or receiving money and how it is being spent.



Campaign Finance Dashboards

New to campaign finance research? Start here! Use the dashboards to view charts and graphs that summarize campaign finance data in each election.

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Disclosure Statements

View campaign finance statements and forms filed by committees. Search the transactions on the statement. Note: For electronically filed local forms 107, 113, 114.5, 122, 124, 125, 126f2, 126f4, 128, 134b, and 143 see the datasets section to view filed statements and search data.

View Statements


Campaign Finance Datasets

Download campaign finance data or use the data to build maps, charts and graphs.

Download Data


Campaign Finance API

Use the SODA API to query the campaign finance data for use in an app or web application.

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View filings listing City contractors subject to a six month contribution ban.

View Contractors


Expenditure Ceilings

Track third-party spending and the voluntary and individual expenditure ceilings.

View Ceilings


Public Financing

See which candidates receive public funds.

View Disbursements



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