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File SFEC Form 114.5 – Behested Contributions Received by Certain Committees

On January 1, 2019, local laws went into effect that established new disclosure requirements for ballot measure committees and committees making independent expenditures. Under San Francisco Campaign & Governmental Conduct Code Section 1.114.5(b)(2), any ballot measure committee or committee making independent expenditures that receive contributions totaling $5,000 or more in a single calendar year at the behest of a City elective officer shall file this form.

Behested Payment

“At the behest of” means under the control or at the direction of, in cooperation, consultation, coordination, or concert with, at the request or suggestion of, or with the express, prior consent of. However, a contribution is not made at the behest of a public official solely because the official requested the contribution via television, radio, billboard, a public message on an online platform, the distribution of 200 or more identical pieces of printed material, the distribution of a single email to 200 or more recipients, or a speech to a group of 20 or more individuals.

Ballot Measure Committee and Committees Making Independent Expenditures

For this purposes of section 1.114.5(b), a “ballot measure committee” is a committee primarily formed to support or oppose one or more measures. A “committee making independent expenditures” is a committee that spent $1,000 or more in a calendar year on independent expenditures in support of our opposition to a single candidate or measure.

Filings by Committees

When to File

The committee must file Form SFEC-114.5 no later than the deadline to file the semi-annual or pre-election campaign statement that must report the contribution that makes the cumulative total $5,000 or more.

Filing Deadlines

Form SFEC-114.5 must be filed at the same time committees are required to file semi-annual or pre-election campaign statements with the Ethics Commission.

How to File

To file Form SFEC-114.5, you must use the electronic link located at the bottom of this webpage. If you run out of space and are unable to include all of the information that you are required to disclose and the option, you must make a supplemental filing that includes the remaining information. Be sure to include the same identifying information on the supplemental filing as in the original to allow the Ethics Commission to connect the information.

Click here to preview a form illustrating the information required to be filed (Please note that this form is for viewing purposes only and that the electronic link shown below must be used to file the required information.)

Behested Contributions Received by Certain Committees

Name and Email Address of Person Completing the form

A name and email address is required to verify the identity of the person completing the form.

Name of Person Completing the Form

Email address

Name and Email Address of Person Signing the form

A name and email address is required to verify the identity of the person that will sign the completed form. A request for signature will route to the signer after the form has been completed by the person listed in the fields above. The two roles may be the same or different person(s).

Name of Signer

Email address

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