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To fulfill their departmental filing officer duties for the financial disclosure (Form 700) requirements of the positions identified in Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Sec. 3.1-100 to 3.1-510, department heads may delegate those tasks to a department staff person. The sections below provide step-by-step instructions regarding filing officer duties.

Filing Officer Duties: Annual

2022 Annual Form 700 due and Ethics and Sunshine Training Declaration Form due Friday, April 1 2022. Learn More.

1. Update your department contact information

2. Know Who Files

  • Review your department’s Conflict of Interest Code (click on the section for your department) to identify the positions that are required by law to file SEI Form 700s and their respective disclosure categories.
  • Note that per San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 3.1-102.5(c), members of City boards or commissions who fail to file Form 700 and/or the Ethics and Sunshine Ordinance Training declaration form by the applicable filing deadline will be disqualified from participating in or voting on matters listed on their boards’ and commissions’ meeting agendas until the filing requirements are met.

3. Distribute Information to Elected Officials, Board Members, Commissioners and Department Heads (by Tuesday, March 15 2022)

4. Distribute Information to Designated Employees (by Tuesday, March 15 2022)

5. Collect and Retain Completed Forms

  • Assist filers with questions regarding filing requirements. For individual assistance request filers to contact the Ethics Commission.
  • Collect and retain filings from the designated employees filing on paper (e.g., Contractors).

6. Submit Certification of Delivery

  • Submit Certification of Delivery by Tuesday, March 15 2022 to the Ethics Commission to confirm that you have notified filers of their SEI-related filing obligations.

7. Submit Filing Officer Report (Decommissioned)

  • Because the status of a filing is visible in NetFile, the submission of a Filing Officer Report to the Ethics Commission to certify that your department has completed the filing requirements or provide contact information of designated filers who did not file by the April 1 2021 deadline is no longer necessary. The report has been decommisisoned.

Filing Officer Duties: Year-Round

Filing officers have the following departmental responsibilities to ensure that filers assuming office or leaving office meet the filing requirements.

Assuming Office Checklist

Leaving Office Checklist

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