SFEC Form NRLO – Notice of Resignation / Leaving Office

File SFEC Form NRLO – Notice of Resignation / Leaving Office

Pursuant to SF C&GCC Sec. 3.1-105, every appointing authority whose appointees file the Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest with the Ethics Commission, required by Sections 3.1-101 and 3.1-102 of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code, shall provide written notice to the Ethics Commission. For appointed department heads, such notice must be provided within 15 days of resignation or retirement; for commissioners and board members within 15 days of the date the City officer left office. Per FPPC Reg. 18722(a)(2)(b), the date that a person permanently leaves office or employment is the date that person is no longer authorized to perform the duties of the office, and stops performing those duties.

The official or the secretary of the board or commission who makes the appointment or receives the resignation or retirement notice must complete this form to notify the Ethics Commission of the resignation, retirement, or leaving office of a Commissioner, Board Member, or Department Head who files a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest with the Ethics Commission, per in Section 3.1-103. Failure to provide such notice may constitute official misconduct (SF C&GCC Sec. 3.1-105(a)).

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