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How to Establish a New Login Password?

Visit the Request a New Password page if you are a new e-filer and need to establish a new password, or if you are an existing e-filer and need to reset your password. Generally, your User ID is your City-issued email address. If you do not know your User ID, contact your Filing Officer or the Ethics Commission.

Watch the How to use the “Lost Your Password?” Feature video for step-by-step instructions.

How to file Form 700 electronically?
  1. Login to NetFile to access the electronic form. If this will be your first time e-filing your Form 700 statement using NetFile or you’ve lost your NetFile password, you will need to establish a login password, see “How to establish a New Login Password” section on this page.
  2. Once logged in, start your filing by selecting the “checkbox” next to the filing in the “Filings to Complete” table and click “Start Selected Document” button.
  3. Your Form 700 cover page is pre-filled with the information entered when your filing officer created your NetFile account. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the form and submit your statement online.
  4. If you are unable to complete your filing in one sitting, be sure to log out of the system. The system saves the information you’ve entered when you log out. When you are ready to resume your filing, log back in and click “Edit next to the filing in the Filings to Complete table .
  5. Note: NetFile conveniently retains your entries from your last e-filed statement. You will only need to enter information that has changed since the last time you e-filed.
  6. Submit the completed form online by the filing deadline. Please remember that, except for deadlines that fall on Saturday, Sunday or an official state holiday, there is no provision in the law for an extension of a filing deadline. Late statements are subject to a $10 per day late fine.
  7. Access your filings online anytime by logging in to your NetFile account.
How to Amend a Filed Form 700

A previously filed Form 700 may be amended by a filer at any time. If you filed the statement electronically, you will amend your statement electronically. Login to your NetFile account and click the statement’s “Amend” link in the the E-Filing History table on the Homepage to open the ‘Amend a Previous Filing’ page.

If you want to amend a statement filed on paper, submit an original paper amendment to your department’s Filing Officer. Visit FPPC Form 700 page to access amendment forms for prior years.

How to link multiple NetFile accounts?

If you use NetFile system for other filing requirements such as Campaign or Lobbyist reports, you may be able to link those accounts to your Form 700 login, as long as you use the same personal email address for all the accounts. If you use work email address (city email) to file Form 700 you must not link Campaign or Lobbyist accounts to that login account in order to keep city activity separate from those activities. If you have questions about linking multiple accounts please contact the Ethics Commission.

Search Filed Statements

Form 700 filings are made available to the public in the Form 700 Online Database subject to limited redactions.


  • Form 700 Home Page – Contains essential information, including filing requirements and exceptions, deadlines, the conflict of interest code, disclosure categories, and more.
  • Disclosure Category Quick Lookup Guide – Look-up your disclosure category for an explanation of what you are required to disclose as defined by your Department.
NetFile E-Filing System Instructions (for Form 700 Filers)
Form 700 Reporting Resources
Avoid Ethics/Conflicts of Interest Violations

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