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On January 1, 2018, Proposition T, an Ethics Commission-proposed measure adopted by San Francisco voters at the November 2016 election, will go into effect. This measure enacts new restrictions on gifts, campaign contributions, and bundling by lobbyists. This page reflects the new registration requirements.

Registration Report

Contact lobbyists must register online with the Ethics Commission through its electronic filing system no later than five business days of qualifying as a contact lobbyist and prior to making any additional contacts with an officer of the City and County of San Francisco. A lobbyist may opt to have a representative or firm register and file the reports on his or her behalf.

To register, lobbyists must file Registration Reports that disclose information about their employers, clients, City agencies that they have lobbied or may lobby, and the lobbying period (date ranges) for each client and City agency. Lobbyists must also provide professional quality digital color photographs to be included in the Ethics Commission’s Lobbyist directory. The photographs must include the full face and shoulders of each lobbyist, squarely facing the camera.

Current lobbyists must file their Registration Reports from their existing account within five business days of qualifying activity, to remain active in the upcoming year. The registration process will require current lobbyists to provide lobbying period (date ranges) for their active clients as well as the names of City agencies they have lobbied or may lobby. A lobbyist who was active in the previous year and does not submit a Registration Report by February 1 will be automatically terminated until a new report is filed and the registration fee is paid.

New lobbyists can initiate the registration process through the following link to create a new e-filing account and file a Registration Report.

As required by Proposition T, lobbyists must now identify the agencies they have lobbied or may attempt to lobby, at the time of registration. To implement this new provision, the lobbyist registration process will now use a consolidated list of City agencies. For any questions about the listed agencies, please contact the Ethics Commission.

Registration Fees

A lobbyist must pay a $500 fee at the time of initial registration. After initial registration, lobbyists must pay $500 re-registration fee annually by February 1 to remain active. Failure to pay the annual fee by February 1 will automatically terminate a lobbyist’s registration with the Ethics Commission.

This fee may be paid on-line by using a debit/credit card or e-check, or by sending a check made payable to the City and County of San Francisco to: San Francisco Ethics Commission, ATTN: Lobbyist Administrator, 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Registration Amendments

Any changes to a lobbyist’s registration information including contact information, information about a lobbyist’s employer, the lobbyist’s clients, the agencies lobbied or lobbying date ranges must be reported within five calendar days of any changed circumstances, by filing an amended Registration Report. Lobbyists should not wait until their next monthly disclosure report to submit any changes.

Failure to timely amend a Registration Report may result in late fees of $50 per day.

Late Fees

Registration reports filed late are subject to a late fee of $50 per day.

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