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On January 1, 2018, Proposition T, an Ethics Commission-proposed measure adopted by San Francisco voters at the November 2016 election, will go into effect. This measure enacts new restrictions on gifts, campaign contributions, and bundling by lobbyists.

Filing Disclosure Statements Online

By the fifteenth day of every month, a lobbyist is required to disclose on electronic reports lobbying activity during the prior calendar month to the Ethics Commission. This includes information about: any individuals or organizations who paid for the lobbying; any lobbying contacts made; payments received for lobbyist services; “activity expenses” (including consulting fees and gifts) and political contributions of $100 or more made or raised. The monthly lobbyist report must be filed even if you have no activity to report. Failure to timely file the report may result in late fees.

Effective January 1, 2018, lobbyists are required to amend their Registration Report to disclose new clients for whom they will be providing lobbying services. The amendment must to be filed within 5 calendar days of the changes. Client list can no longer be updated or amended via the monthly reporting process.

Employment Statements

A lobbyist must also file an employment statement if he or she employs or induces a client to employ a City officer, an immediate family member or registered domestic partner of any City officer, or a person known to be a full-time employee of the City in any capacity. A lobbyist must also file a statement if one of his or her employees is appointed to a City office. Statements must be filed within ten days of the employment or appointment.

Late Fees

Reports filed late are subject to a late fee of $50 per day.

Record Keeping

Lobbyists must also retain documents to substantiate their reporting for five years.

Lobbying Audits

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