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Lobbyist Training Video

Lobbyists must complete a training held by the Ethics Commission within one year of their initial registration, as well as any additional trainings required by the Ethics Commission’s Executive Director. Lobbyists can satisfy this requirement by watching the web training video below.

On January 1, 2018, Proposition T, an Ethics Commission-proposed measure adopted by San Francisco voters at the November 2016 election, will go into effect. This measure enacts new restrictions on gifts, campaign contributions, and bundling by lobbyists. This training video will soon be updated to reflect the new requirements.

Training Declaration

For each training, a lobbyist must file a signed declaration stating that he or she has completed the training.  This declaration must be submitted on or before the deadline for completing the training. Use the form below to start the process to complete the Certificate of Lobbyist Training via DocuSign.

A name and email address is required to verify the identity of the lobbyist completing the form.


Email address

Certificate of Lobbyist Training Filings

The following table lists the lobbyists who have completed training:


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