Training for Candidates & Treasurers

Candidates for City elective office and their treasurer/assistant treasurer must complete a training developed by Ethics Commission staff prior to each election in which the candidate will appear on the ballot. An individual who serves as the treasurer for more than one committee is not required to complete a training if that individual has completed such a training within the previous 12 months. While other campaign representatives are not required to complete a training session, they are welcome to attend a live session, or complete the online version of the training.

Mandatory Candidate & Candidate-Controlled Committee Treasurer Training

Pre-Recorded Training Webinar
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Important: After completing the training, the candidate and treasurer/assistant treasurer must file Form SFEC-107:

Other Trainings:

Mandatory Training for Treasurers of Primarily-Formed and General Purpose Recipient Committees

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Online NetFile Training for New Users

Committees are required to electronically file campaign statements and other disclosures using the Commission’s NetFile e-filing system. Once your NetFile account has been established, we encourage new users to participate in a free 30-minute training conducted by NetFile’s staff. Click here for more information.

FPPC Workshop: Local Candidates, Treasurers, and Committee Basics

This workshop offers great information and guidance for local candidates and committee treasurers, and includes an in-depth review of the Form 460 Campaign Statement. This workshop is recommended as a supplemental overview of State law. It does not encompass laws exclusive to San Francisco and does not replace the annual mandatory training requirement.

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