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Candidates & Treasurers: Mandatory Training for Candidates and their Treasurers – November 8, 2022 General Election

This slide presentation provides an overview of applicable campaign finance rules and regulations applicable to candidates for City elected office and their committee treasurers and assistant treasurers. Reviewing this presentation fulfills the mandatory training requirement for the November 8, 2022 general election. Following review, candidates and treasures must each e-file a Certificate of Training (Form SFEC-107) no later than Octber 9, 2022.

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Important: After completing the training, the candidate and treasurer/assistant treasurer must file a Training for Candidates and Treasurers (Form SFEC-107).

Related Trainings:

FPPC Workshop: Local Candidates, Treasurers, and Committee Basics

This workshop offers great information and guidance for local candidates and committee treasurers, and includes an in-depth review of the Form 460 Campaign Statement. This workshop is recommended as a supplemental overview of State law. It does not encompass laws exclusive to San Francisco and does not replace the annual mandatory training requirement.

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