Expenditure Ceilings – June 5, 2018

Individual Expenditure Ceilings (IECs)

In the June 5, 2018 election, only candidates who have been certified as eligible to receive public funds are bound by an Individual Expenditure Ceiling (IEC). For qualified Mayoral candidates, the IEC begins at $1,475,000 and may be raised in increments of $100,000. For qualified candidates for the Board of Supervisors, the IEC begins at $250,000 and may be raised in increments of $10,000.
Candidates who intend to participate in the public financing program must have filed Form SFEC-142a by January 9, 2018. The last day for a candidate in the June 5, 2018 election to submit a request to be certified as eligible for public funds is March 27, 2018.

Candidates for Board of Supervisors

Candidates for Mayor

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