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2009 Committees Randomly Selected For Audit

At its meeting of March 8, 2010, the Ethics Commission randomly selected seven committees to be audited. These seven committees were selected from a pool of 26 committees that were active in elections during the calendar year 2009. The audit pool of 26 committees was categorized into three levels of financial activity with two committees selected from Financial Activity Level 1 (less than $50,000), one committee selected from Financial Activity Level two (above $50,000 to $100,000) and four committees selected from Financial Activity Level 3 (above $100,000). The seven committees that were selected are as follows:

No. Committee FPPC ID Number
1 Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco PAC – IE 870449
2 Choice for Students 1307181
3 Cisneros for Treasurer 2009 1314716
4 Committee on Jobs Government Reform Fund 982683
5 Plan C San Francisco PAC 1245538
6 Protect our Rec Centers/Yes on C 1322452
7 San Franciscans Against Commercialization – No on CD, No on D, Yes on E 1321564

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