Press Release – May 11, 2010 – Summary of Actions Taken at May 10, 2010 Meeting

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For release: May 11, 2010


At its meeting on May 10, 2010, the San Francisco Ethics Commission took the following actions:

  • Decided, by a vote of 4-0, to create and adopt a separate set of regulations to govern the investigations and enforcement of complaints that allege a violation of the Sunshine Ordinance.  The Commission will consider draft regulations at its next and/or future meetings.
  • Approved, by a vote of 4-0, staff recommendations that (1) the Commission communicate with the Mayor’s Office, the City’s State Legislation Committee and any other appropriate City agency to encourage the adoption of state legislation to (a) permit local jurisdictions with Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) filing officer duties to establish electronic filing systems for the filing of SEIs so that paper forms can be eliminated; (b) permit local jurisdictions to decide whether to require the electronic filing of SEIs by specific or all SEIs filers; and (c) permit local jurisdictions to post e-filed SEIs online; and that (2) the Commission  communicate with the Fair Political Practices Commission to encourage the same reforms. 
  • Approved, by a vote of 4-0, amendments to Ethics Commission Regulations 3.218-1 and 3.218-2 to amend the procedures regarding the adoption and amendment of Statements of Incompatible Activities (SIAs) and the City’s annual distribution of SIAs to City officers and employees.
  • Approved, by a vote of 4-0, amendments to Ethics Commission Regulations 3.234-1, 3.234-1, 3.234-3, 3.234-4, and 3.234-5 to conform them to changes in the law governing post-employment restrictions.

The Commission’s next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, June 14, 2010, at 5:30 p.m. in Room 408 City Hall.


The Ethics Commission, established in November 1993, serves the public, City employees and officials and candidates for public office through education and enforcement of ethics laws.  Its duties include:  filing and auditing of campaign finance disclosure statements, lobbyist and campaign consultant registration and regulation, administration of the public financing program, whistleblower program, conflict of interest reporting, investigations and enforcement, education and training, advice giving and statistical reporting. 

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