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Subscribe to the Interested Persons List

Under section 8.17 of the Administrative Code, each board, commission or committee thereof, must update its mailing lists at least once annually for the meetings of its respective board, commission or committee in order to remove addresses of individuals or organizations that are no longer interested in receiving the materials or who are no longer residing or operating at the listed address. 

In addition, the Brown Act provides, “[a]ny request for mailed copies of agendas or agenda packets shall be valid for the calendar year in which it is filed, and must be renewed following January 1 of each year.”  Government Code § 5454.1.

Starting in 2011, if you wish to receive communications on the Interested Persons List, you must either subscribe to the Commission’s email list to receive email notifications or complete the Interested Persons List form to receive paper notification by regular mail.  Otherwise, you will not receive any of the notifications from the Ethics Commission mentioned below.  If you currently receive email notifications, you will need to re-subscribe for 2011.

Email notifications will include agenda notices (including links to supporting documents), press releases, training opportunities and other communications.  When you submit your request, please make sure you use a valid email address and confirm your subscription request by responding to the Activation Email.  Email addresses that reject notifications five times will automatically be removed from the list. To subscribe to receive email notifications, go the Commission’s homepage:

Paper notifications will only include agenda notices and press releases.  In addition, you may request to receive paper copies of supporting documents for the Commission’s monthly meeting.  To subscribe to receive paper notifications, please complete the Interested Persons List form and mail or fax to the Ethics Commission.

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