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Notice of Consideration of Proposed Regulations at the April 22, 2013 Regular Meeting of the Ethics Commission

At its regular meeting on Monday, April 22, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. in Room 400, City Hall, the San Francisco Ethics Commission will discuss and possibly take action on draft regulations related to Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 1.112.  A staff memo will be available when the April 22, 2013 agenda is prepared.

The proposed regulations are available for review at the Commission office and on its website.

Proposed Regulation 1.112-2:  Electronic Campaign Disclosure – Signature Verification.

a) Signature Verification Cards
1) In order to submit an electronically-signed campaign finance disclosure statement, the person signing the disclosure statement must have filed a Form SFEC-112a with the Ethics Commission to verify his or her signature.
2) The Form SFEC-112a must be signed in the presence of staff of the Ethics Commission during the Commission’s regular business hours, or delivered to the Commission with an original signature notarized by a notary public.
3) Any individual who signs Form SFEC-112a in the presence of Ethics Commission staff must present valid photo identification issued by a governmental agency, such as a San Francisco City ID, a California ID or driver’s license, or a passport.
4) The Ethics Commission shall issue a Signer ID and PIN Code to any person who presents a validly completed Form SFEC-112a.
5) The person who receives the PIN Code is responsible for all documents signed using the PIN Code. 
Example:  A candidate receives a Signer ID and PIN Code from the Ethics Commission.  The candidate discloses the PIN Code to the treasurer who uses it to sign and file the candidate committee’s campaign disclosure forms.  The candidate is still responsible for the contents of the campaign disclosure form that is filed with the Ethics Commission.
b) Voluntary Electronic Filing
Any person who voluntarily opts to file electronic statements under Section 1.112(c) must first file Form SFEC-112b with the Ethics Commission.  Thereafter, the person shall be subject to all requirements set forth in Section 1.112 and the regulations thereunder.
c) Any campaign finance disclosure statement that must be filed electronically and that lacks all electronic signatures of the required signers is not deemed filed and may subject the responsible parties to late filing fees, in addition to any other penalty under the Code. 

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