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Ethics Commission Regulations Implementing Permit Consulting Laws (as of September 26, 2014)

Regulation 3.400-1.  Construction. 

The provisions of Section 3.400 et seq. of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code, and its implementing regulations, shall be construed in a manner that provides for the greatest disclosure of permit consulting activity in the City and County.

Regulation 3.410-1.  Permit Consultants; Single Disclosure of Contacted Officials. 

A permit consultant is not required on his or her quarterly report to repeat the name of any officer or employee contacted multiple times during the applicable quarter with respect to the same permit and on behalf of the same client.  A single disclosure of that officer’s or employee’s name, along with the permit at issue and the client, shall suffice.  

Regulation 3.410-2.  Permit Consultants; Termination. 

(a)  A permit consultant who has ceased all activity requiring registration and reporting shall terminate his or her permit consultant registration by filing a final quarterly disclosure report covering all activity through the date of termination and indicating on the report that it constitutes the permit consultant’s termination statement.

(b)  Any individual qualifying as both a lobbyist and a permit consultant who elects to file only as a lobbyist under Section 2.110, and who wishes to terminate his or her permit consultant registration, shall file the report referenced in subsection (a) and indicate that it constitutes the permit consultant’s termination statement, but the permit consultant is not required to report any other reportable information on that report so long as such information is already disclosed on the monthly lobbyist report.

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