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Notice Regarding Public Financing Reporting Requirements in Connection with the November 2016 (NOT 2015) Election

Pursuant to an amendment to Ethics Commission Regulation 1.142-2(c) which took effect on Saturday, April 25, 2015, the San Francisco Ethics Commission will require candidates in the City’s November 2016 election to submit all forms related to the City’s public financing program using a new electronic filing system.  These forms include: 

Form Name Form Number
Statement of Participation or Non-Participation in Public Financing Program SFEC-142(a)
Threshold: Notice by Mayor or Board of Supervisors Candidates of Reaching Threshold(s)  SFEC-152a-1, 152a-2, 152b-1 and 152b-2
Qualifying Request SFEC-142(b)-1 and 142(b)-2
Qualifying Contributions List SFEC-142(c)-1 and 142(c)-2
Matching Request SFEC-144(d)-1 and 144(c)-1
Matching Contributions List SFEC-144(d)-2 and 144(c)-2
Campaign Contingency Account SFEC-108

Notice is being provided at this time because candidates for the November 2016 election are able to begin raising funds to qualify for public financing in May 2015.  Such candidates should contact the Ethics Commission to ensure that their fundraising recordkeeping is consistent with the new electronic system.

Among other things, the new system will allow candidates to submit contribution lists and supporting documentation online in order to establish eligibility to receive City funds and to otherwise comply with reporting requirements. 

The specifications for the new program may be found here.  Candidates may file the public financing forms using the Ethics Commission’s system without any charge.  Candidates planning to use a third-party vendor for campaign reporting should contact that vendor to determine if it is able to submit the Commission’s public financing forms electronically.

Please contact the Ethics Commission via telephone ((415) 252-3100) or email ( with any questions regarding this change.

S:\C.F.R.O\2015\Regulations\Notice Re Reg 1.142-2.doc

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