Ethics Budget Update – Board Budget Committee Action to Follow Public Comment on June 20

As it began its budget hearings today, the Budget Committee of the Board of Supervisors indicated its intent to forward to the full Board, without modification, the Mayor’s proposed Ethics Commission’s budget for FY17 and FY18, along with those of a number of other small City departments. In the interest of time, the Committee Chair announced in calling the meeting to order, small departments that were not the subject of review and recommendations by the Board’s Budget & Legislative Analyst would not be required to make a presentation to the Committee. Instead, the Committee Chair stated it is the Committee’s intent to forward those budgets as recommended by the Mayor without change, pending public comment before the Committee on Monday, June 20. Following action by the Budget Committee, the full Board of Supervisors is expected to consider the proposed budget in late June.

Before moving on to other scheduled departments, the Committee offered the opportunity for small departments to present or address the Committee briefly if they desired to do so. The Ethics Commission’s prepared presentation to the Budget Committee can be viewed on the Commission’s website at In brief comments to the panel, Executive Director LeeAnn Pelham thanked the Committee Chair, its members, and the Mayor and Mayor’s budget staff for their support of the Commission’s budget, and indicated that the Commission looks forward to working with the Board and others in the coming year with a renewed commitment to delivering most effectively on the voters’ mandate for transparent and accountable governmen

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