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E-Filing Now Available for Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and Ethics Training Certificate

Elected Officials, Department Heads, Board Members and Commissioners can now electronically file their Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and the Certificate of Ethics Training with the Ethics Commission.

To assist filers in fulfilling their Sunshine Ordinance and Ethics Training requirements quickly and easily, the Ethics Commission launched a new electronic filing option on March 20, 2017. This feature now enables filers to log into the account they use to file their financial disclosure form online through the Ethics Commission’s website, complete these trainings online, and submit the Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and the Certificate of Ethics Training forms electronically. Filers can access information about the Sunshine Ordinance and Ethics training requirements and their E-filing account setup on the Ethics Commission’s website.

The launch of this new online filing feature is part of the Ethics Commission’s enhanced focus on developing effective tools to support City officials with their ethics-related obligations. The optional online filing of these training declarations was rolled out in tandem with new resources to assist officials with their Annual Form 700 filings, which are due Monday, April 3, 2017.

Filers who have not yet filed their forms can choose to submit hard copies by email, facsimile or in-person, or file electronically. Individuals who have already filed these documents in paper format are not required to file them again electronically.

All Sunshine Ordinance Declarations and Ethics Training Certificates filed with the Ethics Commission are publicly available online at our ethics disclosures page.

For more information about this new e-filing option, please contact the Ethics Commission at (415) 252-3100 or

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