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Year 2016 Audit Selection

For the 2016 audit cycle, the Ethics Commission will be auditing 15 campaign committees.

For the 2016 audit cycle, the Ethics Commission will be auditing 15 campaign committees in connection with their activities in 2016, pursuant to the Commission’s authority under San Francisco Charter Section C3-699-11(4) and San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Code (“SF C&GCC”) Section 1.150.

The 15 campaign committees were selected from a pool of 101 committees that were active in elections during the calendar year 2016. The audit pool of 101 committees was categorized into the three following categories: non-publicly-funded candidate-controlled committees, general purpose committees, and ballot measure committees. The committees that are being audited for this cycle are the top five highest spending committees among each of these categories.

The 15 committees selected are as follows:

Non-Publicly Financed Candidate Controlled Committees

No. Committee Name FPPC ID Number
1 Re-Elect London Breed for Supervisor 2016 1379920
2 Matt Haney for School Board 2016 1384026
3 Ian Kalin for School Board 2016 1380968
4 Aaron Peskin for Supervisor 2016 1382556
5 Stevon Cook for School Board 2016 1382554

Ballot Measure Committees

No. Committee Name FPPC ID Number
1 No on V, Enough is Enough: Don’t Tax Our Groceries, with Major Funding by American Beverage Association California PAC 1382995
2 Yes on Prop V, San Franciscans United to Reduce Diabetes in Children by Imposing a 1 Cent Per Ounce Tax on the Distribution of Sugary Drinks with Major Funding by Michael Bloomberg & Action Now Initiative 1377697
3 Jobs, Housing and Parks Now for Candlestick Point & Hunters Point Shipyard, Yes on O, with Major Funding by Five Point Holdings, LLC 1386199
4 Action Now Initiative (nonprofit 501(c)(4))/Yes on V 1384702
5 San Franciscans Against Wasteful Spending (Formerly No on Propositions D, H, L & M) 1388893

General Purpose Committees

No. Committee Name FPPC ID Number
1 Progress San Francisco 1381519
2 Committee on Jobs Government Reform Fund 982683
3 Committee to Expand the Middle Class, Supported by Airbnb, Inc. 1381999
4 Robert F. Kennedy Democratic Club, Supporting Philhour and Safai for Supervisor 2016, Sponsored and Major Funding by Progress San Francisco 1383372
5 Protect SF, A Committee Supporting Safai for Supervisor 2016 and Sponsored by The San Francisco Fire Fighters, Local 798 and Progress San Francisco 1390689

For more information about how campaign audits were selected for the 2016 cycle, please see the March 22, 2017 Ethics Commission Staff memo on the 2016 audit selection methodology.

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