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Notice of Adopted Regulations Related to San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code

August 2, 2019

On July 30, 2019, amendments to regulations related to Chapters I, III, and VI of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code became operative. The Ethics Commission adopted the regulations on May 29, 2019. After a 60-day review period by the Board of Supervisors required under San Francisco Charter Section 15.102, the Board took no action on the regulations and the regulations became operative on July 30, 2019.

The adopted regulations do the following:

  • implement provisions of the Anti-Corruption and Accountability Ordinance, the final provisions of which became operative on January 1, 2019;
  • implement provisions of an ordinance approved this year by the Commission, Board, and Mayor that changes certain administrative and technical aspects of the City’s public financing program;
  • provide additional clarification to support effective compliance with various provisions of Article I, Chapter I of the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code (the “Campaign Financing Reform Ordinance”); and
  • update certain provisions of the regulations that no longer match the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code because of past legislative changes.

For more information about the amended regulations please contact us at or (415) 252-3100.

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