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Administrative Closure of 2018 Election Discretionary Audit: Our City Our Home, Yes on C, sponsored by, Inc. and the Coalition on Homelessness; FPPC ID #1405612

Date: May 21, 2021

Pursuant to Ethics Commission authority under San Francisco Charter Section C3-699-11(4) and San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Code (“SF C&GCC”) Section 1.150, following the 2018 election the Commission’s Executive Director identified 11 non-candidate committees for discretionary audit based on an objective criteria standard, in addition to the 14 mandatory candidate-controlled committees required to be audited for the 2018 election cycle. Our City Our Home, Yes on C, Sponsored by, Inc. (the “Committee”) was one of the committee selected for discretionary audit.

On May 17, 2021, the Executive Director notified the Committee that the planned discretionary audit had been administratively closed and that no written audit report or findings would be issued. A copy of the Executive Director’s May 17, 2021 administrative closure letter is linked below.


Administrative Closure Letter: Our City Our Home, Yes on C

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