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2020 Committees Audit Selection

The San Francisco Ethics Commission has a duty and responsibility under San Francisco Charter Section C3.699-11(4) to audit campaign statements and other relevant documents to ensure compliance with applicable state and city campaign finance laws and regulations.  Under San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 1.150(a), all candidate committees whose candidates have received public financing must be audited and committees that have not received public financing may be randomly selected for audit at the discretion of the Executive Director of the Commission.

For the November 3, 2020 election, committees for the sixteen supervisorial candidates identified below received public financing and are subject to audit by the Commission.  The Commission prioritized the mandatory audits according to the total amount of public financing dollars received by the committees.  No additional committees were selected for discretionary audits.

Avalos, John111422604$254430
Brown, Vallie51426782$255000
Chan, Connie11424489$255000
Engardio, Joel71420655$255000
Lee, David E.11427046$255000
Martin-Pinto, Stephen W.71427311$101478
Matranga, Ben71424259$178710
Melgar, Myrna71425021$255000
Murase, Emily71426211$236064
Nguyen, Vilaska71425319$255000
Peskin, Aaron31415883$203598
Philhour, Marjan11425942$255000
Preston, Dean51423313$252000
Safai, Ahsha111420769$141049.62
Sauter, Danny31424479$234381.06
Shinzato, Veronica11425308$68466

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