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Acting Executive Director’s Report for August 2023


Date: August 14, 2023

To: Members of the Ethics Commission

From: Gayathri Thaikkendiyil, Acting Executive Director

Subject: Agenda Item 4 – Acting Executive Director’s Report for August 2023

Summary and Action Requested

This report provides various programmatic and operational highlights since the last report.

No action is required by the Commission, as this item is for informational purposes only.

Ethics Commission’s FY24 and FY25 Budget Update

Following the approval of the revised budget by the Budget and Appropriations Committee on June 28, the proposal was considered by the Board of Supervisors during the month of July. On July 25, the Board of Supervisors approved the budget and it was signed by the Mayor on July 26.

The fully adopted FY24-FY25 City budget includes the following restored funding for the Ethics Commission.

Additional $310,000 in FY24 to fill the following positions:

  • 1824 Engagement & Compliance Manager
  • 1844 Engagement & Compliance Officer

Additional $1.99 million in FY25 to continue funding the following positions:

  • 1824 Engagement & Compliance Manager
  • 1824 Ethics@Work Program Manager
  • 1823 Training and Outreach Specialist
  • 1823 Training and Outreach Specialist
  • 1823 Senior Investigator 
  • 1823 Senior Investigator 
  • 1230 Training Design Specialist
  • 1043 IS Engineer
  • 1844 Engagement & Compliance Officer
  • 1840 Form 700 Client Support Specialist

In addition, eight staff positions (included above) for which funding was originally set to expire on June 30, 2024 have been funded on an ongoing permanent basis, beyond FY25.  

The Commission Chair, Yvonne Lee, issued a statement on the approved budget on July 27. The Commission’s budget proposals and related documents are available on the budget page.

Proposed Legislation Prohibiting Employment of City Officials by Departmental Contractors

As presented in last month’s Executive Director’s Report, Supervisor Safai has introduced legislation (File #230484) that would amend the Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code to prohibit City officers and employees from being employed by or receiving compensation from entities that contract with their departments. This proposed legislation would require a four-fifths majority vote of the Ethics Commission to be enacted. The ballot measure that the Ethics Commission has been working on for the last two years would also accomplish what Supervisor Safai’s legislation would accomplish, in addition to many other reforms. The Commission will have the opportunity to vote to place the proposed ballot measure on the March 5, 2024 ballot under Item 9 of this month’s meeting agenda. After consulting with Chair Lee, Staff communicated to Supervisor Safai’s office that the Commission intends to move forward with its ballot measure and would not simultaneously consider other legislation that would be duplicative of these efforts and would create complications with implementation and compliance. Staff will continue to engage with Supervisor Safai’s office regarding additional employment rules and other ethics matters.

New Job Posting

With the budget now approved, filling funded vacant positions is a top organizational priority. Staff is working on the recruitment process for the three vacancies in the Engagement & Compliance Division, which include the Engagement & Compliance Manager (Job Classification 1824), Engagement and Compliance Officer (Job Classification 1844) and Client Support Specialist (Job Classification 1840).  

The job posting for the 1840 Client Support Specialist is now open. This position will provide direct filer assistance, technical support, compliance guidance, and training in connection with the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) public disclosure program and other Commission programs. We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds who are eager to promote accountability and trust in public service to apply to this position.

Staff will continue to provide updates regarding this position and other job postings in the upcoming meetings. Detailed information about current job openings can be accessed on the Ethics Commission’s Jobs page.  

Revenues Report

The table below reflects revenues received by the Commission for Fiscal Year 2023-24 as of August 11, 2023.

Account DescriptionBudgetActuals
Campaign Consultant Registration Fee$7,000$0
Lobbyist Registration Fee$85,000$0
Campaign Consultant Fines$2,000$0
Campaign Disclosure Fines$50,000$0
Statement of Economic Interests Fines$1,250$0
Lobbyists Fines$2,000$250
Other Ethics Fines$7,500$0
Other General Government Charges$2,450$0

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